The Housing for Older People Awards 2021

June 2021 (date under review)

At home celebrations

Celebrate specialist Housing for Later Life by participating in EAC’s 9th annual Awards

Residents of all forms of retirement housing can nominate their schemes, and so can their visitors, staff and volunteers.

Last year a record number of 18,996 individuals took part in the nomination process, voting for 1,220 housing schemes. We hope to improve on this magnificent result.

The timetable of the 2021 Awards is (all dates to be confirmed)

  • 15 March 2021 voting starts
  • 21  May 2021 voting ends
  • 28 May 2021: announcement of the regional winners and of the national finalists
  • 9 June 2021: announcement of the national winners and of the national Heroes

From 15 March to 21st May, you will be able to vote directly online, or to ask someone to do it for you. Downloadable voting forms will also be available. Participation is free of charge. See more about voting and selection process HERE

The addition of Regional awards to the National awards, trialled in 2019, has proved very popular. It will again be a major feature of the 2021 Awards

You can email comments or questions to

To Housing Managers

Celebrate your Awards

Because of the pandemic, we will have to miss our traditional celebrations. No doubt the winning schemes and their managing organisations will find appropriate ways of celebrating their success.

There will be a total of 357 Awards

  • 27 regional awards are available in each of UK’s 12 regions and countries
  • 27 national awards
  • 6 national hero awards will be declared

All the winners will received Awards Certificates and be listed on this Awards’ website.