EAC National Housing for Older People Awards 2020

Preparing for 2020

We are preparing the 2020 Awards and will announce dates on this website as soon as possible.

In general, the Awards will follow the same format as previously:

  • Voting online or by Freepost by residents, staff and visitors
  • Announcement of Regional winners and National finalists
  • Booking period
  • Awards celebration with announcement of the National winners

The addition of Regional Awards to the National awards, trialled in 2019, has proved very popular. It will again be a major feature of the 2020 Awards.

For the National Awards presentation, we are considering returning to the earlier sequence of calling the winners to the stage instead of bringing the awards to their table.

Your advice?

Please do not hesitate to email your comments on the above and other suggestions to housingawards@eac.org.uk

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