About the Awards

EAC National Housing for Older People Awards

Each year EAC celebrates successful examples of housing for later life. The main event was greatly enjoyed by 350-400 guests, including the residents of the winning schemes. An online “live” event has the potential of being shared by a far larger audience, drawn from the thousands engaged in voting for the Awards, their relatives, friends.

Aims of the Awards

1. Celebrate specialist housing as a successful housing option

2. Engage thousands of residents, staff, visitors and volunteers

3. Provide the best possible information on specialist housing

4. Help shape the future of housing in later life

How it works

The EAC Housing Awards are a great opportunity to celebrate later life housing. Here are some reasons why we think you should get involved!


Voting is open to all residents of all housing for later life in the UK, as well as their visitors, staff and volunteers. Voting means nominating your retirement housing scheme or development for an award.

The online voting tool appears on this website during the voting period. It is accessible from any mobile phone, tablet or computer

Residents can ask someone else to vote on their behalf, but will be asked to supply their name and telephone number to avoid fraud.

Voters have the option of adding a very short comment to state why they like the housing scheme they are voting for. This does not influence the voting results, but furnishes EAC with useful statements.

Voters have also the option of nominating a hero, if they feel that an individual is essential for the quality of life in their retirement housing scheme.

Selection process

The selection method for the 300 Regional Awards is based on the number of votes/nominations received for a housing scheme, compared to the number of homes in it. Residents’ votes count more than those of staff and visitors.

All online and postal votes are entered in the same IT programme which has the complete details of each housing scheme in the UK, including the number of flats (or bungalows). The programme can rank the schemes in order of ratio votes/units. It can also indicate the ratio of residents’ votes (i.e. without the staff and visitors votes), a helpful selector when needed.

The IT programme will automatically place each housing scheme/development in its type and size category.

The National finalists are made of all regional gold awards winners. The National winners are then selected following the same process as the regional winners, i.e. ratio of votes to number of homes.

Previous Awards

Our housing awards have been running since 2010. If you would like to see the videos and photos from previous years, please click the year below.

Please note that this will open a new window to our HousingCare website.

Still unsure if you should get involved this year?

Read our guide on who should participate!