Celebrate housing for later life

EAC’s National Housing for Older People Awards were launched in 2010 to encourage those who live, visit and work in specialist later life housing to celebrate successful schemes from across the UK’s rich spectrum of provision.

Voters are also encouraged to write short testimonies about living in specialist housing. These thousands of statements, which do not influence the voting results, are overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of this option for housing in later life: “We/I should have moved here earlier” is a recurring comment.

National Awards events have attracted over 300 people each year, a majority of them residents. New features of the Awards in 2019 were regional heats and Heroes Awards; these are continued in 2021.

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Regional awards

We are not only celebrating some of the most successful retirement housing schemes in the country (27 Awards), but also the best in every one of the 12 UK regions of the UK.

Approximately 300 Awards are available to reward housing schemes in each category (size and type) in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as in each of the nine English regions: East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands and Yorkshire & The Humber.


Voters (residents, staff and visitors) will have the option of nominating their hero, an individual who makes a significant contribution to the residents’ quality of life.

The 2021 EAC Housing Awards

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