Catering Academy

Catering Academy:

We are experts in the healthcare market, delivering the best food into all our sites. Our clients vary across the sector from national to single site accounts, and each one receives a bespoke service created with the residents in mind.

We are dedicated to redefining standards in the market and our team is driving excellence through delivering innovation into our clients, whether that’s the freshest food, the latest tech or the very best service. We listen, we learn and we work with our customers to meet their diverse needs and preferences.

We are not a one size fits all company, through constant engagement and communication with your residents, we tailor our menus and service offering to the specific needs and preferences at each and every home. All aspects of your service, from the delicious meals being served, comprehensive engagement and day calendar, KPIs, and meeting structure and frequency will be a true reflection of your requirements. Catering Academy’s approach to service delivery is unique in every setting and tailored to your needs. Even though the service will be bespoke, we always promise the following:

What you can expect:

  • Our management team and staff will be friendly and approachable
  • We will always strive to do better, never settling for good enough
  • Our teams will set ambitious targets and exceed them
  • Our management team will hold regular meetings with our staff
  • We believe in measuring our success through KPI tracking and client and customer feedback forms. We will perform regular auditing of our service.
  • A dining experience that caters for all needs, preferences, tastes, cultures, religions, and cultural beliefs and promotes inclusivity through diverse offers

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