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Whether you live in retirement housing, work in a development or just regularly visit to see friends or family, this is your chance to vote for the best in housing for older people.

Want to know more about the voting process? Read our terms and conditions.

Residents, visitors and staff of retirement housing can nominate their scheme here

No internet access? Simply print off, complete and return a paper voting form.

Voting closes 03 July 2020!

Postal votes must be sent by 29 June

Regional Awards 2020

After the success of introducing regional awards in 2019, we will again be handing out Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for the best performing schemes by region. Across all categories, there will be a total of 320 regional awards.

Use the interactive map above to search for the schemes in your area that have already received votes. If you visit, live or work in a retirement community, vote now to get yours on the map! If your development has already been voted for, you and your neighbours still need to cast your vote as it is the schemes with the most votes that will pick up an award!

Why take part?

The EAC Housing Awards are a great opportunity to celebrate later life housing. Here are some reasons why we think you should get involved!


  • Win an award for your development, which can be proudly displayed and shown off to visitors and new residents
  • Recommend your scheme to be identified as one of the best in your region, if not the country!
  • Those shortlisted for our national awards, will receive their awards at our glamorous event on 21 October 2020 in Birmingham. Regional winners are most welcome to join the party  – see full programme.


  • Celebrate the award with the most important people, your staff and residents
  • See your development be acknowledged for its success on the HousingCare website, visited by 17,000 people daily
  • Attend the national event with your staff and residents and be featured in the Awards Report
  • We also have a special message to housing providers and managers about the awards

How to take part?

Vote for your development. Residents, visitors and staff of retirement housing developments can nominate a scheme online here. For those without internet access, download our voting form. Warning: this voting form does not enable voters to choose a hero or to write the reason for their vote.

Promote the awards by downloading and printing off an awards poster. If you live or work in a housing scheme for older people you could place this in a communal area, so that it is seen by other residents and staff.

Talk about the awards with friends, family and colleagues. Whether that is in person or through social media, such as Twitter where you can use the #EACawards2019 hashtag.

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